Question of the day: Would a Tax Research wiki be of use?

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Peter May, whose work underpins the Progressive Pulse blog, and I were talking yesterday about the need to bring together a whole host of posts on this site, Progressive Pulse and other sites in a place where they could be more easily found under topic themes.

This reminded that three or so years ago I was keen to build a wiki for this site but it did not happen, I have no doubt for very good reason (like a lack of time). However, the software was created and it occurred to me that it could be very easily adapted for this purpose.

As an example, this is what a page on the Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) project looks like. You can find that page here.

The question is, might this be of any use?

If it is and you have data you would like to see posted in this way as a resource  want then please prepare pages in Word or something that can be easily transcribed into a web page and send them to me. I cannot agree to post in advance. And all links will be checked. But this seems valuable to me.

I stress that it really does need structuring under a common theme e.g. the Green New Deal, and then an introduction followed by subheading under which links are provided with a note of explanation if necessary e.g. because if it is to a Youtube file there might be no clue otherwise what it might be about. The title of the item to be linked and the link itself will be required in each case.

Can I also ask that pages be separated so that they are all Tax Research UK content, or all Progressive Pulse content, or all third-party content, although cross-references between the pages will be permitted, of course?

I have not got time to build this - although I can post items. But if others can find items to populate themes I am happy to do this. So too would Peter who is concentrating on third party sources in the main. We have those from a recent discussion in MMT.

Of course, the category search facility in the right-hand column plus the search box in the top right-hand corner might help this task.