Everyone else thinks the UK has made a mess of coronavirus policy. Sometime soon we will too

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I recommend the Politico blog and its email briefing, which is free. In it this morning they ask how long the Tories can hold the line that they got everything right. As they put it:

Given this soaring death toll, how long can the government’s line hold that it got the initial response right in February and March? From the outside, Britain is starting to be viewed as something of a basket case – albeit not on the scale of Trump’s America. Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald asking – in detail – “Where did Britain go wrong?” Here’s CNNasking the same question over in the U.S. Here’s the New Yorker concluding that a “curious mixture of superiority and fatalism” in the U.K. response led to missteps and catastrophe. Here’s Canada’s CBC News picking over the U.K.’s “slow response.” Here’s a writer for the Anadolu Agency in Turkey castigating Britain as “unprepared.” Here’s international agency Reuters concluding Britain left care home residents “neglected” and “exposed.” And so on.


They can see it.

Sometime soon people here will.

And as the deaths and job losses continue to rise they are going to get very angry.