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This letter from Caroline Lucas was in the Guardian yesterday. I am sharing it as she is also a member of the Green New Deal Group, with me:

Two chilling reports this week from the World Meteorological Organization and the UN Environment Programme both show that carbon emissions haven't yet peaked, let alone begun the necessary decline needed to prevent climate chaos (UN urges drastic cut in emissions over next decade to avert disaster, 26 November).

The former government chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, was incredibly blunt about the implications, warning that we ought to be afraid, not least because of the potential sea level rise of one or two metres, which would mean London having to be moved to higher ground.

Particularly striking was Sir David's concern at the lack of political leadership to seriously tackle these problems. The Conservative manifesto was pitifully weak on ideas and spending plans to tackle the climate crisis. Take the crucially important area of our homes. The Tories promise a paltry £6.3bn to make them more energy-efficient, which will do next to nothing to tackle the crisis. Compare this with the hundreds of billions needed, and promised in the Green party's Green New Deal, to decarbonise every aspect of our economy and society over the next decade.

The country has already endured a decade of cruel Conservative austerity. We cannot afford to now add recklessness on climate to the social deprivation this has already created. The choice on 12 December is stark yet simple. If you are worried about the future of the planet, our nation's children and grandchildren and those around the world already affected by the climate crisis, then vote for a party that is committed to doing something about it. If not now, when?
Caroline Lucas
Green party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion


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