Our future demands less road transport – but it’s roads that the Tories will invest in

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This seems to be a fair summary of the Tory transport manifesto:

  • Building ‘Northern Powerhouse Rail’ and investing in the ‘Midlands Rail Hub’
  • Making an £28.8 billion investment in strategic and local roads
  • Invest £1 billion in completing a fast-charging network
  • Restoring “many of the Beeching lines” with £500m funding
  • Implementing a pothole-filling programme as part of the National Infrastructure Strategy costing about £2 billion
  • Creating a £350 million ‘Cycling Infrastructure Fund’
  • Reviewing the future of HS2 with the clear implication that ti will be scrapped to save £81 billion

So, there will be an overall considerable reduction in investment in public transport.

Peanuts will be invested in rail reopening and cycling. Much more will go into car re-charging.

And massively more will go into roads.

And this will happen at a time when everyone agrees the priority is to reduce carbon-based travel. But the Tories seem to be going in the opposite direction.

The danger that this thinking represents to us all cannot be overstated.