First they’ll come for the Labour Party. And then for democracy

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It’s a strange morning for politics. It’s time to reflect on the ultra-right of British politics in the form of the Brexit Party has announced its alignment with what is now the far-right in the form of the rump of the Tory Party with the combined aim of creating a corrupt state in the UK.

What is a corrupt state? One where the rule of law does not apply. It clearly has not with regard to many aspects of the Leave campaigns.

Where there is no respect of Parliament.

Or the judiciary.

Or the Head of State.

Where the apparatus of state is used for political ends - as it is being. Just look at the Russia report.

Where it is not clear in whose interests the state is being run.

Or where attempts to manipulate voter participation are commonplace, is is normal in the UK now, which is why so many are not registered to vote. 

Where state racism is tolerated, and even encouraged. 

Where there is corruption without apparent consequence.

Where the electoral system fails to reflect the will of the population.

And where particular interest groups - like those with wealth - have their priorities considered more highly than do others in society.

Where citizenship is for sale.

All of these happen in the UK, many of them day in and day out. 

And now the political system is to be gamed by the corrupt to extend the impact of these policies and guarantee that state failure becomes the norm in this country. 

And in the face of this the left cannot agree what to do. Which is as worrying. I make no claim that the Remain parties (broadly defined) are the same, or equally desirable. But the failure to align around the big issue of whether or not we can defeat the march to neo-fascism that is now apparent in the UK is deeply worrying, and lets it happen. 

I have long held the view that we need a government of national unity from the left to deliver the fundamental  reform required to deliver the state we need if we are to survive as a nation, and deliver the Green New Deal. I see no sign of it. And that is an increasing cause for despair. 

Remember, first they’ll come for the Labour Party.

But then they’ll come for democracy.

And those who might have supported it.

That’s the way these things work. 

And it’s happening now.