World accountancy day

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Today is, apparently, world accountancy day.

Really? Did we need one? Who knew?

But if it is then someone has to mark it and I note that in an article from a recruitment agency the UK's top ten accounting influencers are named this morning, including:

Richard Murphy

Richard is a chartered accountant and political economist and is often labelled as an ‘anti- poverty campaigner and tax expert’. He is a Professor of Practice in International Political Economy and is the director of Tax Research UK and this makes him one of our top 10 influencers. Richard has achieved many things, one being the co-founder of the Fair Tax Mark.

That should please some on the right....

And what would I want to celebrate world accountancy day? I think I'd suggest that public country-by-country reporting become mandatory, worldwide.

Although mandatory sustainable cost accounting might have even more impact now.