Why is Boris Johnson afraid of the public?

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Two articles in the Guardian grabbed my attention. One is on his visit to Scotland today:

Johnson’s visit comes on the second day of the election campaign ...

Johnson spent little over an hour touring the rural distillery in a strictly managed visit during which he had no contact with the public. He returned immediately to RAF Lossiemouth, and from there travelled to Northern Ireland.

The other is by the medical student who tried to speak to Johnson during his visit to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge this week. As she said:

Like the majority of people working in Addenbrooke’s, I had no idea Johnson was visiting that day. Most staff didn’t even know he was there until after he had left – he clearly wanted to get some nice photos in a lab coat and get out of there.

The feature in common? Johnson 'campaigning' as far as possible from the public.

Why, I wonder? Could it be that he's really very frightened of ordinary people?

Or is to that, like Rees-Mogg he holds them in contempt?