You couldn’t make it up: Jersey is cracking down on tax avoiders

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International Investment has noted:

Jersey's government is planning to launch a crackdown on islanders not paying their due tax, as it estimates to generate an extra arund £40m over the next four years with the initiative.

Authorities will focus on 'high-risk' taxpayers who are getting their taxes wrong "either mistakenly or deliberately". Last month it emerged that tardy tax filers could raise around £1.3m in fines, as those responsible for the 5,400 returns which missed the deadline at the end of May faced penalties of up to £250 each.

Under the proposed crackdown,  Revenue Jersey plans to spend £1,562,000 a year for each of the four years from 2020 through to 2023, the Bailiwick Express reports. The tax office will hire an extra 21 full-time specialists "which will drive improved compliance in the tax system and deliver additional revenues. Without such investment, it is likely that tax compliance in Jersey will continue to deteriorate," the proposal said.

I note three things. First, they have no idea how big their tax gap is.

But, second, they think it's getting worse.

And third, you really could not make this up.