The government’s new policy on the climate crisis is ‘let us burn’

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The Guardian features an article this morning that tells us a great deal about the priorities of the UK government when it comes to the climate crisis. As they note: 

Homes hoping to shrink their carbon footprints by installing a solar-battery system face a steep VAT increase from October under new laws proposed by HMRC.

The Treasury put forward legislation on Monday to raise VAT for home solar-battery systems from 5% to 20%, on the same day that MPs are debating the government’s new net zero carbon target for 2050.

And as they add:

Meanwhile, home coal supplies will continue to receive the lower VAT rate.

It’s as if their policy is ‘let us burn.’

In my book The Joy of Tax I described tax as the single most powerful mechanism available to a government to influence behaviour and shape the society it wants in what might be called ‘normal times’. I stand by that. In which case this decision tells us just how seriously this government is really taking the climate crisis.

I suggest that you worry, a lot. And most especially for younger generations.