Boris Johnson is making increasing inequality the priority for all he does

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I have already referred to my book The Joy of Tax once this morning. Let me do so again. In it I described tax as the single most powerful mechanism available to a government to influence behaviour and shape the society it wants in what might be called ‘normal times’. In that context let me note the IFS analysis of Boris Johnson’s tax plans. As the FT notes:

Boris Johnson’s tax cut proposals would cost the exchequer as much as £20bn a year while mainly benefiting richer households, according to calculations by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The think-tank warned that the Tory leadership front-runner’s “expensive pledges” to cut taxes for high earners and lift the national insurance contributions threshold were incompatible with the government’s promise to end austerity.

What does that say about Boris Johnson? Everything, I would suggest. This is a man who makes the creation of class division and increasing inequality the priority for all he does. Indeed, he ignores the supposed economic priorities of his party in pursuit if this aim. 

Is there anything else to add?