Johnson’s incoherent logic

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There is only so much that can be done on a day when you return from holiday. But I did get an article on Boris Johnson into Open Democracy, here.  This was my summary:

I think ... Johnson is simply dissembling without any care about whether what he is saying is deliverable or not. And that is perhaps the most worrying aspect of this. We have a man seeking to become prime minister who simply does not care about the truth, or anything much else come to that.

And Accountancy Age quote me on the same theme:

“There is absolutely no coherent logic underpinning this particular proposal,” says Richard Murphy, a chartered accountant and political economist, “either economically, or in tax terms or in social terms. It’s basically an appeal to the electors in the Tory party Prime ministerial base.”

But I suspect that particular electorate is entirely happy about that. We're meant to have laws that stop election abuse. They do not appear to apply in Johnson's case.