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I had an email that was, I am quite certain, sent with good intent yesterday checking whether or not I was OK as I had not blog posted over the weekend. I appreciate the concern, but thought it worth sharing what I do get up to in between posting here just to explain why every now and again I skip a day. 

By pure chance this will be the 16,000 blog post on this site. And, almost exactly, it's been going for thirteen years. So, that's an average of about 3.4 posts a day if I'd posted very day of that period. And some days I do take off. But near enough I suspect I hit average last month: call it about 100 blog posts. I suspect that means there were at least 1,000 comments to moderate, and sometimes reply to. 

I also finished a co-authored academic paper on which I am lead author. That took a lot of time. It's now in for review. Fingers crossed. 

And I had another such paper published.

I submitted a chapter for a multiple-authored book that has been commissioned.

And checked another chapter in another such book that will be out next month.

I discussed two book proposals of my own, one of which was developed during the month: both are progressing, and will I think happens, although probably not simultaneously. One is targeted for very fast production.

I made some progress with another academic paper, of about 30 pages, although my co-author is now taking the lead there.

I wrote three pieces for magazines, not all out yet.

I set up the first Corporate Accountability Network event for July and began work on the paper I will present at it on the need for an IFRS on tax.

I prepared a paper for an event late in June proposing a new conceptual framework for accountancy that embraces environmental change and brings that issue into the core of the accounting requirements of companies. It's radical.

I attended a seminar on that issue.

I took part in an all day meeting on the new Global Reporting Initiative country-by-country reporting standard.

I worked on another approach to data appraisal in accounting, which is exploratory right now but feels good.

I got two funding applications in for the Corporate Accountability Network.

I attended three (I think) board meetings, admittedly, mostly by phone.

I spent a lot of time on student marking and appraisal, because it matters to me. And I had some really good students this year. 

And a fair amount of time on a course being developed for the Coffers project to be delivered in September.

Follow up on tax spillover assessments for another big event in September also took place.

I went to Vienna to do a talk linked to the Coffers project. And I did another in Norwich. Both required preparation.

Three other chapters that have to be written over the summer had their outlines written: that means I do now at least know what they are going to say.

And I did the shopping for the family. The boys got fed, albeit not always be me. Sometimes I'm not here. 

I even managed quite a bit of hobby activity. Whilst sons were talked to and there was the odd evening (or more) with friends. And the dog got walked. 

But this weekend I took some time off. And since by Tuesday exams are over in this household I am taking a week off from Wednesday. On my own, for the first time I can recall for a very long time indeed. Just because I need a break, and some Welsh narrow gauge steam, and time to think on one of the books, in particular, because, I admit, that's what I do on holiday. 

But if you wonder what I do all day, I hope you've got some idea now. 

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