The last days of May

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Will Theresa May go today? Who knows, as yet?

But, and I think it has to be noted, we will regret her doing so. Deeply unsuited to the job she has in almost every way, I suspect that she has retained her Remain conviction throughout her period in office. For all the stupidity (and I choose the word with care) of her ‘No Deal is better than a bad deal’ mantra, her actions suggest she never convinced herself. The temptation she must be suffering to simple revoke Article 50 and then go today must be enormous.

And she must know this is really the last chance anyone has to prevent a Hard Brexit. Her replacement will promote a Hard Brexit as an ideal. And all they have to do is literally nothing to ensure it happens. If they bring no statute to parliament before 31 October, and nothing requires them to do so, then no amendment can be tabled to stop us leaving. And nothing that I am aware of in the House of Commons standing orders will let the Opposition or a back bencher table a Bill to prevent it. So by mere passage of time any new PM can deliver No Deal. And I think they will.

I wish I thought this other than inevitable.

I wish May would succumb to a last temptation to do the right thing with her office.

But she won’t do that. And Hard Brexit will follow.

After which, let me assure all Lexiteers, there will be no upsurge of socialist support in which Corbyn will be swept to power. A government fully committed to a fascist narrative, that it will only amplify when in power, will exist. The EU will be the enemy. Any woes we suffer will be their fault. The rhetoric will be ramped to war level. And very dark days will arrive very soon. The idea that Jeremy Corbyn will have any ability to counter this is, I am afraid, laughable unless Labour moves to a firmly pro-European stance.

The hard-establishment, far-right elite - those who those supposedly wanting Brexit most despised - will have power. And they will not be letting it go. Every fevered plan that those in that elite thought of in their undergraduate days, to privatise and to slash and destroy the state, will now be rolled out. And, yes, I do now foresee tax haven England.

May was utterly incompetent. But we now face at least three years of something worse. The price will be enormous.