Whistleblower protection, plutocrats and dark money: the November Taxcast

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In the November 2018 Tax Justice Network monthly Taxcast:

  • we look at how governments can better protect, encourage and even incentivise whistleblowers.
  • what do the latest Brexit developments tell us about dark money, the ‘influence industry’ and plutocracy?
  • And, we hear from the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights Philip Alston on his findings from his UK visit.


  • Lawyer Mary Inman of Constantine Cannon, specialised in representing whistleblowers in the UK, the EU and worldwide under US American whistleblower reward programmes
  • John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network
  • Produced and presented  by Naomi Fowler of the Tax Justice Network

the government can audit from the outside all day long but all it takes is one well-placed insider to bring the information to the government and show first-hand what was going on. Prosecutors will tell you their number one enforcement tool that they use is whistleblowers We need to see more and better whistleblower programmes.”

~Lawyer Mary Inman of Constantine Cannon

John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network on the latest Brexit and dark money allegations:

“if this is the case then this is a truly toxic story of radical right wingers in Britain, and the United States working together to use possibly illegal foreign funding to influence a democratic process in the UK with a very distinct possibility that some, or all of this funding was routed through offshore jurisdictions to disguise its origins…plutocrats are rapidly enforcing their grip over the institutions of the State…we now need to start seriously addressing how can we fund elections without involving dark money and the extraordinary resources of the plutocrats.”