Job done

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In March I wrote about three tax inquiries started by parliamentary committees. They are on tax evasion and tax avoidance, the VAT tax gap and tax settlements.

The last is not my area of expertise. And there are definitely those more expert on some of the VAT issues on which questions were asked than I am.

But that still left quite a lot in which I felt it appropriate to comment, not least because most of my academic research is on these issues. As a result two submissions went in yesterday. Unfortunately I cannot now share them until they are published by parliament.

I also regret that neither reflects my most recent work in company usage, HMRC resourcing and a new tax gap methodology: in each area more work is required before data can be shared. But it was important to signal that these are live areas for debate. Having spent the last two weekends working on these submissions as my work schedule did not permit enough time to get them done otherwise I might take this one off.

For the record, I am also working on tax spillover methodology, continuing research into the Big 4 and country-by-country reporting right now.