Do we have the politicians big enough to snatch power back from the 0.1%?

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Senator Bernie Sanders wrote this in the Guardian yesterday:

Taking on the greed of Wall Street, the power of gigantic multinational corporations and the influence of the global billionaire class is not only the moral thing to do — it is a strategic geopolitical imperative.

This is a pivotal moment in world history. With the explosion in advanced technology and the breakthroughs this has brought, we now have the capability to substantially increase global wealth fairly. The means are at our disposal to eliminate poverty, increase life expectancy and create an inexpensive and non-polluting global energy system.

This is what we can do if we have the courage to stand together and take on the powerful special interests who simply want more and more for themselves. This is what we must do for the sake of our children, grandchildren and the future of our planet.

I agree with him.

I am glad he put tax justice at the core of his demand.

But I have a problem, encapsulated in a single question, which is to ask if we have the politicians big enough to do this?