The Isle of Man denies it’s subsidised by the UK without ever addressing the issues I have raised

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It's a bit over a week since I raised the issue of the Isle of Man's continuing subsidy from the UK to be a tax haven.

Since then the issue has been addressed in the Guardian and in a House of Commons adjournment debate.

Today there is an excellent review of the Isle of Man and its tax practices in the Guardian today. I recommend it, not least for the revelations about the sheer nastiest of the place.

As interesting is the response in Isle of Man Today. The ritual rebuttal is offered:

In a statement, the Manx Treasury said: ’The Isle of Man is not being subsidised by the UK.

’FERSA is in place to ensure the Isle of Man and the UK get their fair share of the revenues they collect for each other.’

Except they don't. And in the remainder of the statement they utterly failed to address the issues I raised, which is the surest sign there is that they're on target.

This one has a while to run, again.