Support for the Green New Deal from the Labour Party

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Jack James has advised me that this motion was passed at the Labour Party North West Regional Conference last weekend:

Conference welcomes the manifesto promise to ban fracking and the Labour Party’s commitment to this issue. However, we recognise the threats still posed by fossil fuel production and climate change. We also recognise that our economy is suffering from a lack of investment, underemployment and low productivity.
Conference calls on the Labour Party to address these issues by creating a plan for a Green New Deal that would transform the UK to a low carbon, sustainable economy. That would involve large scale investment in the renewable energy industry and energy and resource efficiency, create hundreds of thousands of skilled and unskilled jobs in the renewable energy industry, ensure that fossil fuel prices reflect the cost to the environment, re-regulate the finance sector to ensure investment is socially valuable and reregulate Tax Havens to provide more funds to public finance.
Bring it on, I say.