The Joy of Tax is waiting in the wings

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Polly Toynbee has a good article on tax in the Guardian this morning headlined as:

We risk discovering the joy of tax only after it is too late

Her argument is:

Tax is at the beating heart of the great political divide. On one side are those who know tax is the price we pay for civilisation; up against them are those like Osborne and Cameron who essentially regard tax as theft, the less the better.

As she concludes:

People may never love tax, but they are about to find out what a low-tax, low-spend country feels like. Osborne will be cutting police, social care, child protection, schools, health, local government and much else at a rate not seen in our lifetime. Or he may fail in the face of protest from many on his side, including the old who voted him in. The tax credit fiasco may be just a foretaste of the omnishambles to come.

My book, referred to in he title, does get a mention on the way. And, unsurprisingly, I think Polly is right. But when people realise she is then the ideas are there. That's the whole point of doing the thinking. Rather like People's Quantitative Easing is ready for the next downturn, The Joy of Tax is about the alternative available when people realise just how wrong austerity really is.