The planned change in the domicile rule: a campaign win when it happens

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I first started writing about the need for abolition of the domicile rule on this blog in March 2007.  Since then I have done so more than 170 times. I made a Radio 4 programme on this issue. I have persuaded others, such as the TUC, to adopt the abolition of the rule as policy. And I have mentioned it numerous times elsewhere.

I am not for a moment saying that Labour's planned abolition of the domicile rule is a direct result of all that campaigning. But I take quiet comfort from the fact that at last a major political party has committed to ending this pernicious rule and will notch that up as another success for the tax justice movement.

The change has, of course, to happen as yet, and that requires Labour to be in government. That's not guaranteed at present. But I cannot help but think that this very clear statement in favour of tax justice for the UK is a tipping point: it is hard to see how this move will not be matched by other parties now. And if it is not it will be very hard to see how they justify the continuing injustice during a very tight election campaign.

It's my belief that on balance of probabilities the domicile rule's days will soon be done, and I can't help but say I am pleased, and thank Labour for its bold initiative.