Lib Dems, tax and the election

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I have just seen an email from a Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate that feels as if it has official sanction. It says:

Liberal Democrats are determined not to let up in the fight against tax cheats. If we are in Government again we would seek to introduce a General Anti-Avoidance Rule, which goes much further than the current anti-abuse rule. This rule would clamp down on currently legal tax avoidance schemes as well as illegal tax evasion. We will continue to invest in HMRC and seek to extend the requirement for country-by-country reporting from banks and extractive industries to cover all UK listed companies.

I am mildly amused to note that these all seem to be policies pioneered on this blog which means I can't object to any of these, Although I wish they might haver read a bit more and been a bit more radical as a result.

My real question is  has anyone seen anything that provides more detail on this from the Lib Dems? And is there any more than this? I know they say they are going to raise £9bn from tackling tax abuse. I had not seen specific policy suggestions before.