Time to move on

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The last week has been a touch hectic, and to be candid I am in need of a bit of a break.

So I am going to take a modest one, from the five or so commentators who like to represent that they know something about tax who in recent weeks have used the comment section of this blog to represent that, firstly, I do not know what I am talking about and, secondly, to suggest that I really am a very bad accountant for not believing in what they consider to be the necessity of minimising tax bills.

That I do know what I am talking about is I think broadly self evident, as is the fact that those making comment do not like the way I put it. I can live with that. Time and again I have made it clear I will knowingly upset vested interests to seek change in the way tax is managed for the benefit of society.

That I am a bad accountant by the criteria they set is also self evidently true. What is also abundantly clear is that those criteria are in my opinion crass at best, undeliverable in all likelihood and deeply anti-social as a matter of fact, which statement I suspect those offering comment will consider a compliment.

And that's enough said. My break will be from responding to their comments. I will simply be deleting them instead. And maybe I will have a bit more time for constructive activity as a result.