Sticking the Boot in?

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The Sunday Telegraph has reported:

A Labour government under Ed Miliband would be a “catastrophe” for Britain, the head of one of the UK’s biggest businesses warns.

In a significant blow to Labour’s general election campaign, Stefano Pessina, the boss of Boots, says Mr Miliband’s plan for power is “not helpful for business, not helpful for the country and in the end it probably won’t be helpful for them”.

So, a massively overpaid person who is based in Monaco, is ranked 103 in world wealth, who heads a company that left the UK to head for Switzerland and stripped the UK of significant tax revenue in the process, says Labour is dangerous and the Telegraph says this is a serious risk to Labour's election prospects? They really are clutching at straws if they think that is the case.

I am bored by billionaires telling us to do what is good for them, and I am certain I am not alone.

I, and I believe the people of this country, want politicians to stand up against this abuse.

And they want politicians to stand up against tax haven abuse by individuals and big business.

Will doing so harm the UK? No, not in a million years will it. What it will do is three things.

First, tackling the tax advntages the likes of Boots and tax haven exiles enjoy now will make the UK a more equal country, and that is proven to be of benefit.

Second, tackling those issues will raise the money to pay for essential public services.

And third, beating tax abuse by large companies will create the level playing field to ensure that all businesses in this country can compete on a level playing field where the quality of the goods and services they supply determines who succeeds, and the ability to avoid tax does not.

We win in each case.

If the people of the UK have any sense - and if the Telegraph had any sense - they'd realise that what Pessina is saying is that Labour is a real threat to the abuse, as I see it, of the 0.1%. I, and millions of others, would like that it be true that Labour will really stand up to these people and hope it can deliver on that promise. If Labour did this country would be a wealthier and fairer country and as importantly, one which was a better place for business to prosper.

WEe can all win, but only if we ignore the wishes of people like Stefano Pessina.