Sometimes you just have to hope – and this is one of them

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The OECD has issued a short video on its Base Erosion and Profit Shifting announcements, made yesterday, presented by Pascal St Aman, its tax director:

Because I've known Pascal for some time, and think he's a pretty decent human being, I am inclined to believe his optimism on the issues he refers to.

I'm pleased country-by-country reporting gets a mention, of course.

But let me also flag concerns. Desperate the reference to developing countries the OECD remains the rich countries' club and it is not clear how this problem is overcome by the BEPS process.

And at the other end of the extreme there is the problem of how to sell some of this to the deeply partisan US Congress, which is inclined to think the OECD a profoundly socialists body, largely because it is based in Paris, I think.

But let's for now have a moment where we hope this is a move in the right direction. There are times when you just have to believe.