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I tweeted yesterday afternoon about the fact that a Sun reporter - I did not note his name - had rung me wanting to talk about a story on tax evasion.


My reaction was immediate. I said 'I do not cooperate with the Sun'.


He was surprised. His appeal was 'But it's on tax evasion'.


I replied that I did not care: I reiterated that I do no cooperate with The Sun.


He asked why.


My reply was 'Hillsborough'.


I could have said 'Coulson' but that only occurred to me later.


And the answer is, yes I do want stories on tax evasion out there, but not at any price. I would not do Press TV for what I thought to be good reason. I do not do The Sun for good reason too.


And before anyone points it out - I have been quoted in The Sun once, to my knowledge, but I did not place the story: others did. I would avoid it again if I could.