Tax justice priorities in the UK for 2014

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I've talked about the achievements tax justice had in 2013, and the problems they have given rise to,  but I really do not think tax justice campaigning in 2014 should be all about plugging the gaps in 2013's track record. So, this is an outline of what i think tax justice campaigning in the UK in 2014 should be about (if it's a bit small click anywhere on the image and a bigger version will open):

What we need to deliver tax iustice in 2014 (2)

I stress, this is just today's thinking. I fully reserve the right to add things I have overlooked to this list and to amend it as the year progresses. But the last four, in particular, are new and will be the focus of a lot of my thinking this year whilst some of the old favourites further up the list continue to receive attention and the focus on a new conceptual framework for tax data collection is vital if all this campaigning is to be turned into co-ordinated reality.

It's going to be a busy year.