15 problems for tax justice arising in 2013

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I have already mentioned 15 tax justice achievements in 2013. Here are 15 problems that almost directly arise from that list and the ambiguous commitments they represent:

10 problems for tax justice in 2013

As with the list of achievements, I do not suggest that this analysis is comprehensive. What it does make clear is that whilst we made what many would consider to be unbelievable progress on tax justice issues in 2013 - and I'm pleased we did - many of the gains made are skin deep at present. And that is the basis for some of the work to be done in 2014.

Mind you, ambition for 2014 should not be limited to plugging the gaps in 2013's achievements; we need to be much more proactive than that. That's where I'll go next with the next mind map I have been working on.