The EU’s bought the tax justice agenda: now they just have to deliver it

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European Council conclusions from yesterday's tax meeting included:

(g) efforts taken against base erosion, profit shifting, lack of transparency and harmful tax measures also need to be pursued globally, with third countries and within relevant international fora, such as the OECD, so as to ensure a level-playing field, on the basis of coordinated EU positions. In particular, further work is necessary to ensure that third countries, including developing countries, meet appropriate standards of good governance in tax matters;

I but that

(h) there is a need to deal with tax evasion and fraud and to fight money laundering, within the internal market and vis-à-vis non-cooperative third countries and jurisdictions, in a comprehensive manner. In both cases the identification of beneficial ownership, including as regards companies, trusts and foundations, is essential. The revision of the third anti-money laundering Directive should be adopted by the end of the year;

That beneficial stuff is vital

(i) the proposal amending the Directives on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by large companies and groups will be examined notably with a view to ensuring country-by-country reporting by large companies and groups;

Absolutely vital.

Now they just have to deliver the tax justice agenda.