The moral case for country-by-country reporting has been won: now we just need to beat off the accountants to get it

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As the Guardian editorial notes this morning:

Whether it's Jimmy Carr or Starbucks, public anger over tax avoidance must be most evident in the UK. No wonder David Cameron has made a new deal on tax a key objective of this summer's G8 summit. The economist Paul Collier, who is advising the government, has suggested multinationals report the scale of their economic activity in each state. Such transparency would be cheap and easy for the likes of Google to provide (isn't providing information its business?); but even that has been resisted by big business. Yet it would be a modest first step; as would Revenue and Customs disclosing all of its sweetheart deals. Openness might be a small victory, but it could open the way to much bigger ones.

The moral case for country-by-country reporting has been won: we now just have to beat off the accountants and business who oppose democratic accountability to the state to get it.