Jersey is clearly lining up the prosecution against Montfort Tadier

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I wrote today about the rather nasty threats being made against Deputy Montfort Tadier in Jersey because he had said there is tax evasion taking place in Jersey - something so widely internationally acknowledged that you would think it would pass without a moment's notice.

But Senator Ozouf. the Finance Minister, wanted to threaten and so suggested that is Montfort Tadier knew there was evasion and did not go to the police then he could be committing a crime. The threat was obvious. And now it is clear it was deliberate because the threat has been made again by Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance - the power behind Jersey. In a blog issued today he has said:

If Deputy Tadier’s claims are any more than wild allegations he must be in possession of information regarding illegal activity, and he should pass this information immediately to the authorities, indeed he has an obligation to do so.

They're not wild allegations: they're what the UK government is saying. That's some backing, I'd suggest. But not for Jersey. You can just hear the police investigation beginning to swing into action.

I repeat; this is a place that can no longer be trusted to self govern. But maybe that's what this is about. Maybe, just maybe, they want to create a constitutional crisis as the reason for declaring independence. Wilder things have happened before now.

But in the meantime Montfort needs the support of all honest people.