Courtesy of Jersey Finance – the whole Le Parisien article which has Jersey in a state of furore

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It's quite amusing that Jersey Finance - the real government of Jersey - is in such a furore that Deputy Montfort Tadier spoke to a French newspaper that they have paid for the article to be translated and have now put it on their own web site - so adding considerably to the publicity about it.

What's really odd is that there is nothing new or of significance of it. In fact it's all rather tame.

What the French paper is saying and what Deputy Montfort is saying is what the UK government is saying: Jersey is used for tax evasion. I published the evidence that the UK are officially saying this earlier today, but here it is again:

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 10.55.35

At least £500 million of that one billion to be recovered will come from Jersey.

And all Deputy Tadier has said is that at least part of this sum might be plausible - in which case the French are bound to have lost as well. What's the big news Jersey?