Myth busters: strivers v skivers

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The second in the series of seven myth busters being published jointly by the Tax Justice Network and New Economics Foundation is out. It shatters the myth of strivers v skivers.

Read it in full here, and in a shortened version in the Guardian here.

And, as with other issues addressed in the series, the claims made are, of course a myth. As the summary says:

The division between "strivers" and "skivers" is a false one. The majority of jobless people are out of work because they are disabled, have caring responsibilities or simply cannot find a job. All of us depend throughout our life on others' hard work. Some of that work attracts a wage, but that doesn't make it any more valuable. Much of it is unpaid, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. We need a benefits system that respects and supports this interdependence – not one that fosters division, competition and looking after "number one".

I buy that.