Cyprus and the bedroom tax

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That was not a title I ever expected to write. But there is a link.

The world's press and financial markets have gone into spasm because some people with wealth are to be charged 10% of it for the privilege of having the balance protected by the state in Cyprus.

The bedroom tax will impose a charge of about £700 a year on more than 600,000 people in the UK who have no choice but pay as there is nowhere for them to move to, even if it was reasonable to do so. In many cases this will be 10% of income and in all cases well over 10% of disposable income.

The bedroom tax is considered fair by the financial markets even though it destroys the chance to live any form of sustainable life of dignity within a community. A levy on wealth is not considered fair, even though it protects those who have it.

Which says a great deal about the corruption of values in our society.