I oppose austerity because it destroys hope

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This is the Conservative right wing dream for the UK:

Republicans in the US House of Representatives are set to unveil a staunchly conservative fiscal package that would slash government spending by $4.6tn over a decade and balance the budget within 10 years, with spending and revenues each worth 19.1 per cent of the economy.

It's no surprise Liam Fox is trying to start the same trajectory of travel in the UK.

I don't oppose such a programme for any party political reason: people can say what they like in a democracy. I oppose it because there would be no NHS left, only limited state education, few pensions, almost no benefits and limited state capacity to regulate the market. I oppose it because it is only intended to make the rich richer at cost to us all. I oppose it because it will destroy economies and social stability. I oppose it because it will destroy hope. I oppose it because people will die as a result of a programme of cuts even of the Fox scale. I oppose it because it destroys any chance of a decent life for the majority in this country. I think that's enough reason to oppose cuts.