Satisfying their Lordships’ demand for a good guys’ tax website

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The following exchange took place in the House of Lords yesterday:

Baroness Kramer: My Lords, I am glad that the Government are ending Labour's indulgence to business on tax issues but, like many others here, I would like to play a part with my purchasing power. Is there a way we can find out who the good guys are so that we do not have to use the likes of Amazon, Google and Starbucks and can transfer our business elsewhere?

Lord Newby: The Government have yet to establish a good guys' website but it is an extremely good idea. In the mean time, I suspect that the noble Baroness will just have to read the newspapers.

Lord Davies of Oldham: My Lords, the worry would be that if the Government constructed a good guys' website they would not be on it. The Minister is absolutely right: we need international action. However, the significant European countries taking action with regard to places such as Monaco point a very accusatory finger at the UK Government, with our plethora of regimes that are in fact tax havens. That is why the Government should be taking a lead, not following others.

Now, I do not endorse all comments made. But the reference to a "good guys" website is interesting. I have spent the whole day working onb the methodology for such a site, but I assure you it is not simple. However, sometime in the New year I am sure it will see the light of day.