Last night’s Panorama

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I've now watched last night's Panorama.

I found the editing a little annoying.

I think the investigation diligent and accurate.

I have worked on the issue of tax haven secrecy for a long time, with Global Witness amongst others, and was pleased to see them in the programme.

More though, I was pleased to see something I have been sure to be widespread so well exposed.

It is time to ensure that all companies, trusts, foundations and other entities created by law anywhere in the world are properly documented so that their real owners , managers and beneficiaries can be identified for the benefit of not just regulatory agencies but all who deal with them.

Without being able to do so crime, onshore and offshjore, will flourish. No wonder we have a £70 billion tax evasion problem in this country.

And it's time HMRC did its job in regulating corporate service providers properly. None have ever been prosecuted. Which is yet another indictment of the failure of HMRC top management.

And it's time the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ran Companies House properly, something I have long evidenced, because as the programme suggested, this looks like the tip of the iceberg of abuse.

Please watch the programme.