Labour wants your opinion on the tax gap and tax havens

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Labour has launched a new consultation on tax as part of its Stability and Prosperity Policy Commission process. In its call for submissions it says:

The Government’s economic failure means a Labour Government in 2015 is likely to inherit a deficit and tackling tax evasion and avoidance will be extremely important. When we are facing tough choices and people across the country are struggling with the cost of living, all savings are important.

Every £1 million raised by tackling tax avoidance and evasion is the equivalent of the salaries for 50 newly qualified teachers. Yet when it comes to closing the tax gap, deep cuts to HMRC mean it is being asked to do much more with much less.

We want to know how best we can:

  • Ensure individuals and businesses pay the tax they owe
  • Lead the way in tackling tax avoidance and evasion via the havens

In the interests of full disclosure I should mention I will be taking part in this process as I am working with Unite on their submission.

But the more the merrier. Get writing...

The more detailed call for submissions is here.