PWC says “it’s not fair to pick on business about tax”

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I've noted I spoke at the ICAEW's New Era event last night. Mary Monfries of PWC was also there and in her comments she made two points.

The first was that in a democracy discussion on tax policy is fine. Extraordinarily, this sounded like a concession.

But then she added as a second point that picking on companies or even HMRC was not fine.

The logic of this baffled me. Apparently in a  democracy we're not allowed to criticise a major government agency and being critical of those who do not appear to be paying their fair share of taxes is not acceptable.

I was left wondering whether PWC wanted those supporting fair taxation to exist in an evidence free zone or whether this was altogether more sinister. Either way, it was one of the few sour notes of the evening. I think, in fairness, I was far from alone in not grasping the logic of the suggestion.