HMRC want plaudits for collecting a tiny amount of the tax due by multinationals? I don’t think so

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I can only presume that Lin Homer, new boss of HMRC, thinks we all have remarkably short memories.

She told the Treasury Select Committee this week that:

Investigations into the tax affairs of multinational businesses have brought approximately £4.7bn into the public purse over the last five years, MPs heard.

HM Revenue & Customs chief executive Lin Homer said the department performs "reasonably well" by international standards as she defended its record on dealing with tax avoidance, particularly by big corporations.

Respectfully that's a lousy performance. Last December the Public Accounts Committee revealed there was £25.5 billion in dispute with such companies at that time. And just £4.7 billion was recovered in five years for which she wants applause?

Sorry, that deserves a sending to the back of a class and a demand to "do better".