1 in 5 workers in the UK is paid less than a living wage

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The BBC put out the following tweet this morning:

1 in 5 UK workers is not paid enough to provide a basic standard of living, research for KPMG suggests http://t.co/0hvF9y1j #livingwage

Yes, that's KPMG, the accountants.

As the report suggests:

It claimed that nearly five million people failed to command the Living Wage - a pay packet that enabled a basic standard of living.

The rate stands at £8.30 an hour in London and £7.20 in the rest of the UK.

I have no reason to doubt the report; it only supports known earnings statistics. That said, until Conservatives (indeed, any politician) can explain how they will address this issue (and Labour has started with the ungainly predistribution policy) then they have no right to berate those claiming benefits whilst in work. It is simply not possible to live with any respect on these wages.

That leaves the more important question in need of an answer, which is how come we tolerate a society where this is not just permitted but is clearly acceptable?