Questions for Starbucks that their tax press release begs that they answer

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I've just posted the Starbucks press release on its tax affairs, which virtually ignores the question of tax.

I think the release begs a number of questions, such as:

Starbucks says it's here for the long term. But why if it's making a loss as its accounts say? Might they explain?


Starbucks says it has "the highest ethical standards". Tell me this then Starbucks. Is getting round the law ethical?

And whilst we're at it:

Starbucks says it will pay tax "to the letter of the law". Isn't that what all tax avoiders say?

And maybe this too:

Are your accounts true and fair when you tell your US shareholders that your UK operation is really profitable and yet the audited accounts show a loss? 

There's a bonus one too:

How can you say you "demonstrat[e] [y]our commitment to all the communities where our partners (employees) and customers live, and where we do business every day" when you make sure you don't pay for those communities and what they need? 

I'll be happy to publish the answers.