Switzerland tells Obama “we’re not a tax haven”. I hope he said “Oh come on, pull the other one”

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AFP report:

Switzerland hit back Tuesday at a US presidential election campaign video that portrays the country as a tax haven.

In the video, a character named Miss Swiss Bank Account describes the Republican candidate Mitt Romney as a "boss millionaire with accounts everywhere", the ATS news agency reported.

The film gives "the impression that having a bank account in Switzerland is dubious in itself and its only aim is to hide money from the tax authorities," Switzerland's Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (DFAE) said.

Switzerland's Washington embassy reportedly expressed its unhappiness at the clip to the Obama team, ATS said.

No of course Switzerland's not a tax haven. That's why it's number 1 on the Financial Secrecy Index, of course.

As TJN reports time after time, the surest way to identify any tax haven is the number of times they deny being one.