No way to run a railway

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Rev Paul Nicholson has this letter in the Guardian this morning:

The prime minster and the deputy prime minister announced spending of £9bn on the railways on 16 July, but left their minister for transport to tell us fares are to be increased to pay for it (Passenger groups step up protests as rail users face average 6.2% fare rise, 15 August). We had already learned from Earl Attlee that council tax benefit has taken a "little cut" of 10% to pay for the railways. The chancellor is taking £18bn from social security and wants £10bn more.

I visited a food bank on Sunday and was told about a mother and her three children who called for help. They hadn't eaten for three days; they can be given only three more days' food. A single person's jobseeker's allowance had been stopped for three months. Both commuters and their poorest fellow citizens have reason to complain to the coalition that this is no way to run a railway.
Rev Paul Nicolson
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