Why Apple can’t be excused of its tax avoidance

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9to5Mac - which describes itself as 'Apple Intelligence' - has reacted to the Apple tax avoidance story, saying:

The NYTimes delves into a divisive subject in American politics right now: Tax avoidance. Apple, like most international companies, sidesteps many California, US, European, etc taxes by using tax havens like Nevada, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Virgin Islands.

The problem for the protagonists is that this is all very legal and practiced by just about every multi-national company in the interest of remaining competitive and maximizing stockholder share. Like most matters of this sort, the problem lies with the laws and loopholes that allow this to happen.

There argument, as a result is:

Don’t hate the player, hate the game

That does not wash. The reason is that, as they admit:

Big companies spend a lot of money on lobbyists making sure that those loopholes don’t get closed.

In other words, they're not independent of the game; they help create it. And in that case they're to blame for it.