Mr Murphy is the ultimate political compass (or so it’s been said)

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From Alex Singelton in the Mail:

What a fantastic Budget. Richard Murphy, the pro-tax darling of the trade unions, is enraged by it. Indeed, I could see the steam erupting from his ears as I sat watching it with him at the BBC this lunchtime. And that is a really good sign. You see, Mr Murphy is the ultimate political compass: if he's pointed in one direction, you'll never go wrong by going in the other.

Compliments come in the strangest of forms.

For the record, Singelton was on Radio 2 with me on budget day and I have to say I thought throughout his commentary "what is this rather naive young man who's never been out in the real world doing talking about things of which he has no knowledge?". Then I realised that made him as well qualified as Cameron and Osborne. And that's really scary.

It also somewhat undermines the value of the compliment.