The Moral Maze – tax avoidance

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I've just listened to yesterday's Moral Maze on BBC Radio 4 - on which I was a witness - again. Since it is broadcast live it's hard to get an objective view of what is happening when shuffling in and out of studies, and so on.

Three things cam out to me. The first is the audacity and depravity of the Hayekian view that decries democracy in the name of greed - and would overthrow democracy at the first possible opportunity. This depravity is also far more common in the Conservative party  now than many realise. Opposing it is, of course, a key part of the tax justice campaign Just as we're one of the strongest pro-business lobbies there is so too are we profoundly pro-democracy and defend it against the battering it gets from offshore and the lawyers bankers, accountants and others who work there with the aim of undermining the democratic will of elected parliaments.

Second, the pedantry of the right is so apparent, both in those interviewed and in those on the panel, and the sheer nastiness of their approach is cleart. I am, of course, familiar with this. I have suffered it on this blog for a long time and I frequently meet people like those interviewed and I never cease to be struck by the fundamentally anti-social nature of their behaviour, attitude and comments which treats all but those who they think share their intellectual and financial good fortune as little better than serfs. That was all too apparent last evening!

Third, is how inconsistent the arguments of those opposing tax justice are. They have little argument - as was made clear of the first commentator under questioning - he simply offered rhetoric. Or they deliver ad hominems - as Melanie Phillips clearly wanted to do of me as an accountant and failed somewhat when I agreed my profession was unethical which I really do not think she expected. And they will also perpetually play devil's advocate precisely because they have no moral viewpoint to project and therefore can adopt any position that suits their immediate and transient purpose for abuse.

I enjoy exposing the threat these people pose to our society and the desire they have for a totalitarian takeover of our state, for that is their goal. It is hard to believe the current government does not share it on occasion.