Comments – heading for the spam box

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Yesterday was the second biggest day for traffic in the history of this blog. Thanks.

A few spent much of the day submitting many comments to the blog - which took a lot of time to deal with.

Many (but not all) started - and more ended - with some pretty rude comments.

Now I know I deal with some commentators - almost all of whom then transpire to come from the political right- quite robustly but, quite candidly, experience has shown me time and again that most such people are fundamentally opposed to democracy and the well being of anyone but themselves, and I have no truck with either sentiment. Of course, I'll occasionally, get that call wrong, and then I apologise.

But what I also have no truck with those who just say I'm wrong - either without disclosing all their reasoning - or very often without being able to justify their claim - as have happened on the 50p tax rate for example, where it's now clear HMRC, the OBR and Osborne are all using spurious data that depends on a tax avoidance scheme of £6 billion to deny that the tax rate in question could have raised £6.7 billion but for that scam. Now again I accept, I'm robust in defence of my arguments until they're proven wrong, but I'm secure in the knowledge that time and again I have been told endlessly that they are wrong only to be proved right.

So, of course you can disagree with me intelligently. I welcome that. But I've had enough of the anti-social time wasters who have been trolling here for some time. Several have had a spam label attached to them in the last twenty four hours, and have not just been trashed. I have better things to do than bother with such people.

Others can try to replace them, but at the slightest hint of anti-social comment, either personal or about society itself, it's to spam you will go.  I can't say it fairer than that.

I have better things to do with life than waste it on such people - and for the libertarians who object - it's my right to say so!