Now the government’s admitted 50p tax rate payers did £6 billion of tax avoidance will they up their estimate of tax gap?

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The government admitted today that 50p tax rate payers alone did more than £6 billion of tax avoidance on one income tax ruse alone.

But in September 2011 they said all tax avoidance over all taxes plus national insurance and VAT was just £5 billion.

Now, let's be clear, those numbers are irreconcilable. And it's also now impossible for them to say I'm wrong on the tax gap component of tax avoidance that I argue to be £25 billion - when they found a quarter of that in just one ruse, that they say would have continued.

So are they now going to admit that my figure for tax avoidance is right after all?

This could be interesting the next time they issue tax gap data - because it sure as heck can't include the absurdly low numbers it has done in the past again - because they've now very clearly admitted they're wrong.

Whichever way they turn it seems they confirm my data is more reliable than anything they admit to. There has to be a silver lining to their incompetence.