A major pro #NHS rally – and the BBC ignores it

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As the Guardian reports, last night:

Thousands of nurses, midwives, doctors, physiotherapists, cleaners, porters and other NHS workers were thought to have attended [a rally to save the NHS], with marches from the headquarters of the British Medical Association near Euston and St Thomas's hospital in south London converging on Westminster.

But where were the BBC at a time when the greatest institution in the UK is being wilfully destroyed? They had a report on halal meat in France instead, in turn a sop to the far right in that country who have made this an election issue.
As someone suggested ion Twitter, it increasingly eels like the BBC is now the British Broadcasting Conservatives. What's worrying is that the disconnect can only fuel tension as the reality of life fails to be reported and addressed in the media.
The demand on the NHS is rising as more and more turn to it in despair - a trend, I'm told, noticeably increasing this year. And yet soon it won't be there for such people. They'll be denied care as they're going to be denied homes and have already been denied jobs. And then, no doubt, a private police force will be used to oppress them.
It's hard not to worry about the turn towards extremism down which the Tories are taking us.