The EU tax gap – €1 trillion a year

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The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democratin the European Parliament are holding a press conference right now. The notice says:

Today S&D Leader Hannes Swoboda will present alternative proposals to exit the crisis in Europe, during a press conference in the European Parliament.
The proposals include measures to fight tax evasion based on a study commissioned by the S&D Group. According to this report entitled "Closing the European Tax Gap" and prepared by an internationally recognised tax expert Richard Murphy (Director of Tax Research UK), EU governments lose as much as 1 trillion Euros in potential tax revenue every year.
For the S&D Group, at a time of crisis and of massive pressure on public finances, the EU needs to take action.
The Press Conference will take place Wednesday 29 February at 10:30 - Anna Politkovskaya - PHS OA50.
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But the estimate is, I confirm, one I have made for this group.
Closing the EU tax gap is not possible. We will always suffer some evasion and avoidance. But tackling this €1 trillion gap is key to solving the problems in the EU's economy. It's a message being more widely understood by the day. Making reasonable estimates of that gap is step one in the process. That is what I have sought to do.